Thursday, April 15, 2010

Following a Passion

I've been so grouchy lately and at first I couldn't figure out why. I thought, well at this point in my life, I am happy being single, so it couldn't be that. I hate my job. I'm an MT, and the money is beginning to really suck, and I'm totally bored working from home, and I hate my job. I wish I could do my true love and that is crochet. Is there anyone out there that has managed to make a living out of crocheting and if so, how did you do it? I would love to hear from those who have made a successful living out of following passion, other than crocheting. Let's hear what you did and what advice would you give. Write back before I get too depressed.


glor said...

Oh I would love to find out too ... there must be a way to do what we love! Eagerly waiting to see what you hear! We'll figure something out!

Youngs Crochet & Fashion said...

ssme here! just waiting for my business to spark this summer!
etsy has gotten me a few sales
but ive heard craft shows are great for sales as well as promotion

Tekoa said...

@Youngs, I think craft shows would be fun as well and a great way to network and make new customers. I live in an area where there aren't much in the way of craft shows, but I will certainly start to look into maybe hosting one. Thanks.