Friday, February 18, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For?

Ever heard that saying before? It's very true. I wished for more customers and guess what...I became swamped. I almost gave up crocheting, the pressure was just too much. I didn't have any time for creating and designing and began to resent my work. I actually had to close down my Etsy store...sigh. From now on, I will sell on a small scale so just in case something like illness comes along, I won't be in trouble. I hate letting down customers and most of all I hate letting myself down, but you live and learn right? The above set is what I have on ebay right now.


Sherryl said...

The saying is very true, through my years of experience on many levels of life. I still wish for more customers. The set is beautiful and I hate to hear about your Etsy Shop. Come back soon, rejoin the force and I believe everything will be fine. Maybe we should wish for wisdom and knowledge with the capacity to handle what comes our way.

Tekoa said...

Thanks Sherryl. Wisdom is the principle thing. I must say I am a little wiser from the experience and feel a little bit better about selling than I did last week. :)