Monday, December 7, 2020

Tunisian Crochet Cross Stitch Snowflake Pillow

I love snow, but living in SC for the past 14 years, I rarely see any. So I decided to design a pillow help me get over the nostalgia of a beautiful snowy landscape. I made this pillow using Tunisian crochet as the background cloth and then using a silvery sparkly thread to cross stitch a snowflake onto it. If you're familiar with Tunisian crochet, the pattern is very easy. Chain 55, then 44 rows of Tunisian crochet followed by 4 rounds of border made up of single crochet to create an approximately 18" x 18" pillow. If you're unfamiliar with Tunisian crochet, check out the video below: Once you've finished your Tunsian crochet, then follow the chart below to create the snowflake. There will be a video coming soon to show the technique of cross stitching on Tunisian: